Thirty-Five Feet

Long Island Ice Tea and electricity is a horrible combination.


What to do when you don’t know what to do and other things about sharks.


When I Am Old

A lot of shit doesn't matter.

Why I Blatantly Lie to My Kid About Santa: A Small Defense. Not That I Need to.

Life is Short. Life is hard. Magic is real if we make it. 


All we have is each other. I like the dirty people. 

Your Calls

A hole in the heart leaves room for something else. 


Luby's Cafeteria is not a metaphor for hell. 

A Torch for Your Canyon

Maybe my job isn't to tell my kid about war. Maybe it's to help them find their light. 

Real America

A poem about being mad at God.

The Hallway

Sometimes Life just takes a minute, but it's alright because paint fumes aren't good for you anyway. 

A Trigger is a Sensitive Thing

I committed first degree murder on a life I didn't want to live. 

Jesus Freaks

Is Jesus here? Did he even text you back?

About Ava Upon the Death of Her Cat

Mom taught us how to love because Mom taught us how to conduct a proper critter funeral. 

Nihilism Is For Your 50s

A trip down memory lane with Kurt Vonnegut reminds me that I need to wait to give up.